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Photo by Finn Baker

About The Artist

Andy DeLapp is a trans artist based in Seattle, WA. He is an alumnus of Cornish College of the Arts, where he established his practice in oil painting. Andy has an affinity for paper as a painting subject. The majority of Andy’s paintings depict paper in the form of letters, stickers, graphics, etc. Andy works closely with historical artworks at the Seattle Art Museum, where he completed an internship in art conservation in summer of 2023 and currently works as an on-call exhibition preparator. Andy is a finalist for both the Robert B. McMillen Art Scholarship (2022) and Naomi Rabb Winston 2-D Visual Art Scholarship (2023). He has participated in two group exhibitions at the Railspur building in Seattle, WA, including Forest for the Trees and Therapy Party (2023). He has also exhibited at Figure Ground Gallery (2023), The Whippersnapper (2022), and The Specialist (2022). 

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